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How They Act When A Loved One Passes Away

  • Italy:

    Italy would be heartbroken- devastatingly heartbroken. He would try to remain cheerful and positive as always, but it's very clear that he's not doing so well. The true emotions would reflect in his eyes; his actions wouldn't be as spontaneous or energetic. His smile would be weaker, he would strain to keep good posture... basically, he would be in a desolated state for some time.

  • Germany:

    Germany would be quite grief-stricken, but he wouldn't dwell on it for too long. As a soldier, you need to learn to let go of the past and move on. He's dealt with a handful of deaths before, so this would be nothing new. He wouldn't want to talk about it to other people because he doesn't want to relive the sadness, and he'll most certainly remember them for who they were and won't forget about them, either.

  • Japan:

    Death is just a natural part of life- it's something inevitable and everyone must face it at some point, whether it be tomorrow or many years from now. He would mourn, but he wouldn't let the death drag him down. Japan would act very calm about it and would get over it in a few days.

  • America:

    Like Canada, America would surround himself with people, but he would bottle up his emotions and keep them within his own mind. He would be emotionally drained, and once he finds himself to be alone, he'll let it all out. He would look back at the memories they shared and would look at pictures or videos of them if he had any to cheer him up soon after.

  • England:

    England would be shocked, but that shocked emotion will quickly shift to remorse. He would ponder upon whether or not he could have done something to stop them from passing away, and it would eat him alive day by day. It would be something he would deal with himself and wouldn't want pity from others. He may have a drink or two to help him get through it.

  • France:

    If France had known ahead of time, he would have spent much more time with them so he could have fresh and new memories of being with them. If the loved one was his significant other, he would be in a emotional and mental state of despair and he would yearn for another chance to talk to them, even if it were just for a minute.

  • Russia:

    Being introduced to death at a young age, Russia wouldn't feel blue or angry, but instead he would be very accepting of it. If it was time for them to pass on, then there is nothing he can do to change that. The more he thinks about it, however, the more lonely he feels. After all, that's one less person he genuinely cared about. One less person who genuinely cared about him...

  • China:

    China is 4,000 years old- obviously, he's dealt with this kind of thing before. However, it would get to him every time. He couldn't help but feel a bit lonesome, and actually, a bit guilty that he has outlived yet another person. He would appreciate that the loved one was a part of his life and will be sure to cherish the moments they had together.

  • Canada:

    Canada would be very sorrowful about it and would want to be comforted by his closest friends so he can vent all of his feelings and get it off of his chest. The company of other people would help get his mind off of it, but it would take a while to do so. He would try to focus on the better things in life, but a lot of them would remind him of the loved one in some way.

  • Prussia:

    He wouldn't handle the situation well. He's lost too many loved ones to death already- it would tear him apart on the inside when he finds out that it has taken yet another person away from him. He would drink the emotional pain away and would turn into a blubbering, drunken mess, wanting someone to listen to him as he rambles about his emotions and would then pass out.

  • Romano:

    He would definitely be the type of person who grows both miserable and furious at the same time. He would snap at whoever tries to confront him about it and would isolate himself from other people to clear his head and sulk. Romano would want to be left alone until he gets over it because he feels too vulnerable in his grieving state. He would feel angst towards it for a few days.

  • Spain:

    The first thing Spain would do is ask how they died. If it was of a natural cause, he will know that they are no longer suffering and are in a better place. If it was unnatural, like a car crash, he would wish that he could have been there at the scene before it happened so he could have perhaps done something to prevent the death from happening. It wouldn't take him long to get over it, but he will be shocked about the death for about a week or two.

  • Austria:

    Austria would compose a song and dedicate it to them. He would put a lot of emotion into the song, and when he plays it, the heartache would show on his face, too. He wouldn't cry over it, but he would think about them whenever he is alone and would mention them in conversation whenever he is reminded of them.

  • Hungary:

    Hungary would be determined not let her emotions get the best of her. Death is an unfortunate part of life, and although she will be grieving, she knows she cannot mourn over it for too long when it's only a natural thing that happens to everyone. She will toughen up and act a bit out of it, but she'll claim that she is fine and that nothing is wrong.

  • Switzerland:

    Switzerland isn't close with many people, so when he discovers that this person is proclaimed as dead, it will hit him hard. He would lock himself up in his room to avoid being seen as weak and he would rant to himself about how this was another reason why he doesn't want to get to open up his heart to many people, because he knows in the end they'll all end up leaving in one way or another. The only person he would talk to would be Liechtenstein.

  • Liechtenstein:

    Liechtenstein will be very upset about the death and might even cry about it, depending on how close the person was to her. Anyone close to her would most likely be close to Switzerland, so she would focus on his well being and would try to cheer him up.

  • Ukraine:

    Ukraine would go through extreme cases of grief and sorrow and she would struggle with moving on. She'll be clingy because she wants someone to talk to about it and will visit their grave to lay some flowers down on it, and might even speak to them as if they were there with her in person.

  • Belarus:

    Belarus would fall into a deep thought about the person for a long time, and then she would begin to question the point of existence and wonder about the value of her own life. She wouldn't talk to anyone for a while and will grow even more distant than she already is. She will be thankful that she had valued the person while they were alive, then accept that they are no longer around and move on.




Friend: Wow, where did you learn so much about history?
Me: image
Friend: Wow, where did you learn so much about religion?
Friend: Wow, where did you learn so much about psychology?
Me: image

Friend: Wow, where did you learn to cook?

One of these is a lot more disturbing than the others

yeah, the church wouldn’t approve of learning religion from Supernatural

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